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You can learn more about speaking for the public through individual consultations with these MIT offices:

Information Session 2023

Workshop 1: Creating a Compelling 3-Minute Talk

This interactive workshop introduces you to the 3MT format and helps you develop key skills to prepare your own talk: distilling your central message, building it into an engaging story, and crafting a visually appealing slide.


Workshop 2: Deliver to Win - How to Present Your 3-Minute Talk Effectively 

Would you like to enhance your presentation skills and learn how to deliver with impact? This activity-based workshop helps you build confidence as a presenter and equips you with life-long tools to deliver your ideas eloquently, engagingly, and effectively. Come ready to participate! 

You can practice and get additional feedback on your talk through individual consultations by using these MIT communication resources:

Additional MIT Research Slam Resources:

Official Three Minute Thesis Resources:

3MT and Research Slam 2023:

3MT and Research Slam 2022:

3MT and Research Slam 2021: